What’s up SQL? – Number 1 – Anyone there?

Greetings fellow reader.

I’ve decided to start a series of posts about SQL Server, to tell, you about my experiences with SQL Server.

So, just to get started, let’s find out who is using my SQL Server, and what are they doing?

There are two ways to go about this. (Actually thee are more, but let’s start with these two!)


Open a query window in SQL Server Management Studio and type:

sp_who or sp_who2 the just press F5 or hit the Execute button.

The result will be a list of sessions with information about them, and you ca copy and manipulate in Excel.


Opening Activity Monitor

And checking the list of processes.

There we have a list of logins in use and there Session ID’s.

And there it is. Now we know who’s using our SQL Server box.

NOTE: The first 50 sessions are usually system sessions, but after SQL Server 2005, system sessions may pass that limit.

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