Exchange 2007 – Converting a Linked Mailbox to a User Mailbox

During an Exchange migration I found out that some of the mailboxes were listed as Lined Mailboxes, instead of User Mailboxes.
If you have these, you might have some issues giving certain permissions to those mailboxes.
To go around this issue I followed the process I found here.


So, to cut it short, the process is basically this:

Select the Linked Mailbox, right click it and Disable the mailbox. You will get a message indicating that the Exchange proprieties will be removed without removing the mailbox that you have to accept.

Then, open Exchange Management Shell and run the following command:

Clean-MailboxDatabase <mailbox database name>
Finally, just connect the mailbox with the original account by right clicking it and select “Connect”.
If you prefer, you can also use the Exchange Management Shell to do the entire process by using the commands:
Disable-Mailbox –Identity UserName
Connect-Mailbox –Identity “Name, User” –Alias UserName –Database “Database Name”
To verify the changes to the mailbox you can also use the cmdlet:
Get-Mailbox -Identity UserName |FL DisplayName,Database,RecipientTypeDetails

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