Data Protector – E-Mail notifications

Before HP Software launched Data Protector 6, reports using e-mail needed a external e-mail software like sendemail to send the reports.

After Data Protector 6.0, that became a feature you can activate.

To do so, follow these steps:

1 – Use a text editor to open the global file under OmniBackConfigServerOptions folder. (You might want to make a safeguard copy before starting!)

2 – Alter the parameters below, by removing the # sign and changing the SMTP Server and Sender Address.

– #

– #

NOTE: These e-mails are not authenticated, so you might need to allow unauthenticated e-mails from the Cell Manager Server.

After You can set it up in Data Protector GUI by going into Reporting –> Reports –> Add Report Group –> Choose the New Report Group –> Add Report.

You can select time frame, which sessions, and send method under Add report.

You can also use a notification, instead of a report. The notification can be sent as soon as the session completes.

To do so, go to Reporting -> Notifications.

Right Click and select Add Notification. Type the name you want, and, select EndOfSession.

After, select the send method of Email (SMTP) and enter the email address to send the event to.

NOTE: There can be only one email address, so, if you want the Notification to be sent to more than one address, send it to a group address.

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