Cleanup Windows devices

Hello reader.


We all know that Windows stores a lot of information about devices we plug-in. That might lead to performance problems and even device connectivity issues.

But how do we get rid of that friend’s USB drive that we plugged-in once to copy some pictures.

How about a server recently virtualized, showing you network warnings when setting up the static IP address?

Reinstall the system? No.

Here’s how:


Open a command line (use Administrator mode in Vista/7/Server 2008) and type:

set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1

and then type:


After that, just select the option “Show Hidden Devices” under the View menu.

And you can see all the devices no longer available in your computer.

You just have to select the device, one by one, and uninstall it.

Note: The command line should be open during the whole process.



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